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Information about agricultural subject


Nečtinská zemědělská a.s.
Nečtiny 216, region Plzeň-sever, postcode 331 62
Identification number: 00118770, VAT Nr.: CZ00118770

Nečtinská zemědělská a.s. is situated in border part of west czech region, Plzeň locality. Was established 30.1.2002 change of the legal form primal Collective farm in Nečtiny with the same identification number.

A territory of the company is in climate area Tepelská higlands with big differences in elevation 500 to 700 meter over the sea. Average amount of rainfalls is 540 mm, average annual temperature is 6,3 C. All territory of company is located in LFA. Total agriculture land area is 1 680 ha.

From that is 600 ha arable land, the rest 1 080 ha is stable grass stand.

The company is file into the ecological agriculture and is yearly acknowledges as ecological farm in whole gamut for producing and sale ecological products.

The company is in the long term oriented on breed cows without market production of milk, breed Limousine and cross-breed of this breed in average amount 580 pc of basic drove. The company is oriented on breed sheeps meat breed Charollais and Romney Marsch in average amount 280 pc of female sheeps and wethers.

In vegetable production is company oriented on growing and selling bio cereals and growing bullimong and hays for fodder. The company employ 29 employees including management.

Agriculture land  farmed by this company is owned by:
935 ha Nečtinská zemědělská a.s.

The company has in tenancy:
290 ha – from natural persons
175 ha – from village Nečtiny
280 ha – first option from land fund

The firm own:
•    4 operating divisions (farm objects, workrooms, services, storages, haylofts, office, hostel , silo, corn gin, 2 petrol station …)
•    solar power station 60kW
•    mechanization for vegetable production and livestock production (cca 20 pc of tractors 50-240 PS, platform cars, harvesters, suspension arrangements, truck for cattle …)