Početna Sadržaj Balkanski biznis centar Future Investment Proposals – MEMO

Future Investment Proposals – MEMO


The purpose of this memo is to give clear and concise direction to all parties who wish to put forward their proposal for future investment consideration by the, Balkan Business Center.

The following steps must be adhered to, and without the following documents, no consideration will be taken further to any investment opportunities.

1 – Governement Mandate on Investment

•     Evidence must be provided from Government, and in particular the relevant Ministry, stating that there is a mandate in place for the type of projects your firm are considering to progress.

An example of this may be, the Ministry of Building and Urbanisation, provides a verified statement which advises that there is a mandate in place for all future infrastructure projects, and the Government will support the private invesment sector, in order to facilitate the needs of the project and its progress.

2 – Econmical Report/Audit of Investment Proposal

•     Evidence must be provided from a reputable Accounting firm, providing detailed evidence and auditing of the recommendation to invest or not, in the type of project that is being presented.

An example of this may be the engagement of, KPMG, PWC or Deliotte, to provide a detailed report on the previous, current and future economical position of the Country and Region in question. All risk factors to be assessed in relation to the fiscal and polictal polcies currently in place, and into the future.
A report that clearly stipulates that we, as BBC should or should not invest in projects in the Country or Region in question, based on a number of major fiscal and political assements, which must be shown in the report.

3 – Technical Engineering Report and Feasbility Study

•     Evidence must be provided from a reputable Engineering firm who specialise in the technical, construction and asset management, of the type of project in question.

An example of this may be the engagement of, Specialist Engineers, which a report must provide detailed evidence on the suitabilty of the land, area, and feasbility of the project.
Provide detailed estimates of Project Cost, Contingencies, Future Costs, Asset Management proposals, cost aggreements on charge out rates of product, and the Return On Investment audit with evidence of how this can be achieved.

Once we have these three documents in place, we can then take assessment of the information provided, and may request further information as part of our Due Diligence process.

This memo is only a guidance to future business partners, who wish to present their projects, and does not give any approval of any projects that are presented to BBC.

All candiates, will be bear all costs and fees to prepare the forementioned reports, and BBC will not be liable for any costs or fees, should the project not be deemed suitable for us to proceed with.

BBC are currently seeking the following types of projects;

•    Green Field Power Projects – EU and South Eastern Europe Region Only
•    Infrastructre Projects – EU and South Eastern Europe Region Only
•    New Technology Projects – EU and South Eastern Europe Region Only

Kind Regards,

Stevan Pejic